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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2008|05:14 pm]
Willow House


Do you know wonderful people or places in the Inland Empire, or even Southern California as a whole?
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FREE show this Third Friday! 9pm! [Aug. 13th, 2008|04:07 pm]
Willow House

[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Matt and Kim]

Daniel Francis Doyle // Treasure Mammal via Apocalypse Nerd
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! [Jul. 11th, 2008|11:33 pm]
Willow House

Coming Up Soon @ The Trunk Space
All Shows start at 7pm.

flyer under cutCollapse )
Nat Baldwin! (Broken Sparrow)
(Formerly of the The Dirty Projectors)
w/ Locals;
James Fella (of Tent City and Soft Shoulder)
Lonna Kelley (featuring members of many different AZ bands, such as Colorstore)

flyer under cutCollapse )
JASON ANDERSON! (aka Wolf Colonel)
on tour w/ Ghoney Porter
also awesomely from Tuscon, Goldenboots!

We are located at:
1506 NW Grand Ave
right next to Bikini Lounge!
for more info check out:
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Jeremy Jay & Model Lemon @ Trunk Space Monday @ 7 [Jun. 29th, 2008|06:44 pm]
Willow House

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Come and welcome Andrew Jackson Jihad home from Tour! [Jun. 20th, 2008|03:38 pm]
Willow House

[music |Ella Fitzgerald]

There is an awesome show coming up at the Trunk Space on JULY 7TH that I highly recommend you folks check out. Various bands from the Pacific Northwest as part of the independent label collective Oh!Map Records are on tour and will be gracing ourhot city along with locals Andrew Jackson Jihad (Asian Man / Plan-it-X Records) and Uggamugga. Below is a poster by local artist David Bessent as well as links to all these super great bands.


artist: David Bessent
Andrew Jackson Jihad

On tour:
Jordaan Mason
Shelby Sifers
Sarcastic Dharma Society
At Night
the Lonesome Arcitects
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This Week @ The Trunk Space (06/16 - 06/22) [Jun. 15th, 2008|11:54 pm]
Willow House

This Week At The Trunk Space. (06/16/08-06/22/08)
All Shows start at 7pm and are $6 dollars unless otherwise noted.

Monday, 16th;
Treasure Mammal and Whitman Tour Kickoff!
w/ Fellow Party Monsters;
Micahel Wasmund
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Tuesday, 17th;
The Great White Jenkins
[Heartfelt brassy country--rhodes, horns, and double bass!]
Locals; Televandalists
The Grassroots Campaign
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Wednesday, 18th;
Third Wednesday's Tango!
Argentine Tango Lessons from the only official Master Teachers in North America!
$5 per pair of dancin' shoes.
Picture That Links Behind Cut!Collapse )
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This Week @ The Trunk Space (06/09 - 06/15) [Jun. 9th, 2008|12:03 am]
Willow House

This Week At The Trunk Space. (06/09/08-06/15/08)
All Shows start at 7pm and are $6 dollars unless otherwise noted.

Monday, 9th;
Forever Is Now (San Francisco)
TacoCat (Seattle)
The Janets
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Tuesday, 10th;
Romona Cordova (France!)
Francois Virto (France!)
Foot Ox
Stellaluna (fruitbat!)
White Hinterland
A presentation of the Fizzle Powers that Be.
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Wednesday, 11th; [Eccletic ++]
Pigeons or Panthers (CA)
Brother (CA)
Locals; My Feral Kin
The Westwoods

Thursday, 12th; [Folk-Punk ++]
Like Claws
w/ Wes Korte
Hello the Mind Control
A Fizzle-ization Production.
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Friday, 13th [Oh shiz, watch out for bad luck and Jason and Knight Wolf]
Tierra Del Fuego [GREAT COMEBACK!]
(ft. members of "And Guppies Eat Their Young..." and "Traveling Will"
w/ Times Beach
Farewell Review
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

Saturday, 14th
Chubby Behemoth*
Local Superheroes; Too Much Birthday
Tungsten Lights Up
Golden Seahorses
I Hereby Fluctuate
A Fizzle House 5, presentation.
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )

*“To call the band awful, terrible, the worst thing you’re likely to hear without dying from an aneurism afterwards, would not only be a gross understatement — it also would be a compliment.” --Impose Magazine.
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This Saturday Night! [Jun. 7th, 2008|12:20 am]
Willow House

$6 for each show! Come for improv and stay for the bands after!
Galapagos Improv.
happily presents; The Neighborhood! (ft special local celebrity, French Quarter!)
Also! Bingo Jam, where everyone everyone can join in on the improv fun!
French Quarter CD Release Show!

Featuring Touring Acts;
Jacob Smigel
Las Vegas Club
Also; Glochids, James Fella and Teta Johnson!
Flyer Behind CutCollapse )
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new phoenix community [May. 31st, 2008|10:48 am]
Willow House


run by phoenix for phoenix unlike the old phoenix community that is run by seattle.
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COME TO THE TRUNK SPACE ON SATURDAY, May 24th [May. 17th, 2008|04:18 pm]
Willow House

[music |French Quarter]

To support some pretty great Arizona local music as well as national touring band the Physics of Meaning-- Daniel Hart from the Polyphonic Spree and John Vanderslice's indie-experimental project! Great Job are an adorable indie-folk quartet hailing from Tucson (who you may have seen perform with Kimya Dawson recently). Liz Eymann is the lovely lady from Tempe behind the band Beanstalk Soup for fans of whimsical piano-driven music ala Regina Spector/Mates of State/Stereolab.The Flying Foxes are an up and coming indie rock band from Phoenix for those who love good old fashioned rock with a Beatlesque twist.And lastly, Uggamugga is a folk-pop duo that I am in-- come hang out with us before we head out to California to play an exclusive two-day guerilla festival!


This show is also featured on www.silverplatter.info .
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